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Inglorious Basterds

Inglorious Basterds

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Year: 2009
Country: USA

If you've seen other Tarantino films (such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs or Kill Bill) you know what you're in for if you're planning to see Inglorious Basterds... in a way. I say "in a way" because you'll know you are in for violence, long crude dialogues and some dark humor. But also you won't know exactly what you're in for. You can try and guess, but the picture you'll get is probably very different from what the movie really is about. The film is different from any other war film you've seen before, and who else but Tarantino to deliver such film?

Inglorious Basterds is the story of a group of American Jewish soldiers known as the Inglorious Basterds, lead by Lieutenant Aldo Raine, played by Brad Pitt. These soldiers go around murdering and scalping Nazi soldiers. As the story developes, two plans to end with the German Nazi German reign, one nexecuted by the Basterds, and another executed by a cinema owner, played by Melanie Laurent, who plans on avenging her family who was murdered by the Nazis a few years before.

Probably my plot description isn't the best. Anyway, the film is a very good and interesting, not to mention fun, piece to watch. As you know, Tarantino is known for long but sharp dialogues in his films, and this one is no different. While some of the dialogues may seem way too long at times, they are very well written. The action throughout is very interesting and original, and the story is too. Have you ever seen something like this before? Maybe, but not exactly this way. You've pobably seen a group of people murdering Nazi soldiers, but in those movies you won't see them calping the Nazis. Anyway, the characters are also very well written and developed. Colonel Hans Landa is probably the most memorable villain of the year. "That's a Bingo!"

Performance-wise the film is excellent as well. Christophe Waltz plays the main villain, Landa. His performance is top notch. He embodies his character in every possible way, bringing Hans Landa to life. His performance had him even speaking four different languages (English, German, French and Italian) and he is very good in all of them. Brad Pitt's performance is pretty good too as the man in front of the Basterds. He is funny, he is vulgar, he is outspoken, he is cocky. He is all of this and heis very believable at it. Melanie Laurent and Diane Krueger are the two lead women in the film. Both of them deliver very good and believable performances, especially Laurent. You can see it in her that she truly wants revenge.

Tarantino's direction is great too, but that is no surprise. He does a very good job with his actors, guiding them in what they have to do. His vision of the film is what makes it. Bloody and comic, just like his other films, his vision of Inglorious Basterds completes the film. I think that nobody else would hve been able to bring his script into the screen. If somebody else had done it then we would have a much different end result, and it wouldn't have been as good as it actually is. His style is written all over it, now imagine if somebody else had done it. He is the only one who could have pulled it through.

Tarantino' 2009 film Inglorious Basterds is a very interesting ride to take. It is unique and original, with excellent characters, played very well by its cast, and great dialogues. It has Tarantino's mark all over it, so nobody else could have done it.
My recommendation: You should go and see it, but a little warning it is not for everybody. So if you are weak to the stomach probably you shouldn't see it :)
My score: 87%

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