Monday, November 15, 2010

My favorites: Books

CACB's Favorite Books
Stepping aside from the movies for a while, here is a list of what are some of my favorite books. This is in no particular order if someone was wondering.
-1984 (Written by George Orwell): George Orwell's dystopic classic, which many regard as one of the best books of the XXth century, is certainly a masterpiece of its time, and it is still one nowadays. Its story about dictatorship and rebellion grabbed me into its world and didn't let me go until the final word was read. Highly recommended for anyone.
-The Shining (Written by Stephen King): Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, if not my favorite. He's stories are so wonderfully dark and intense that they are certainly amazing. And this, The Shining, is probably his masterpiece, one of the most entertaining, grabbing, thrilling and amazing novels I have ever read.
-The Lord of the Rings (Written by J.R.R Tolkien): This epic tale written in three volumes has become now a classic. Tolkien's wonderful world full of hobbits and elves will captivate you, hook you in and make you want to read the next volume when you're done with the previous one. It is most definitely an epic fantasy tale that one most read at some point in their lives.
-Farenheit 451 (Written by Ray Bradbury): Another dystopic science fiction classic, Ray Bradbury's story about censorship is engaging and amusing. The story one again grabs the reader in making him want to continue reading. Its a very enjoyable novel with a message to the governments who want to control everything in
the background.
-The Road (Written by Cormac McCarthy): An excellent post-apocalyptic tale about a father and a son on their journey to the sea. The novel entertains with its post-Armageddon argument while at the same tme displaying a touching father and son story, and it is this relationship that impulses the novel and the reader to keep going.
-No Country for Old Men (Written by Cormac McCarthy): Another book by McCarthy, this story is, in contrast, set in western Texas, where a man named Anton Chigurh chases Llewellyn Moss with Sheriff Ed Tom Bell trying to figure out what's happening. Adaptated masterfully by the Coen Brothers, this is one of the best books of the 2000s.
-Firestarter (Written by Stephen King): Second King book in the list, this is a story about a father and daughter on the run, the latter possesing the power of pyrokinesis, the ability to create fire. Its an excellent thriller with two likeable characters and intense narrative. King's Firestarter is definitely suspenseful.
-100 Years of Solitude (Written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez): What could possibly be the most important Latin American novel, 100 Years of Solitude is the excellent story of several generations of the Buendia family in the ficnional town of Macondo. With excellently crafted characters and touching and humurous situations, Garcia Marquez masterpiece is a must read.
-Sherlock Holmes (Written by Arthur Conan Doyle): This series of novels and short stories are what could be the best detective work ever put on paper. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most interesting characters in literature and his partner Watson is also a very likeable fellow. Their many adventures are garanteed to entertain any one who puts their eyes on them.
-Let the Right One In (Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist): The vampire tale of the XXI century. Its story is heart breaking but at the same time disturbing. With fascinating characters and gut wrenching situations, author John Ajvide Lindqvist creates his universe in a way that won't let the eyes of the reader go away.
-The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Written by Stieg Larsson): While I haven't read the other two parts of the trilogy, already it is starting to become one of my favorite series in literature. For the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is breathtaking and addictive thriller featuring one of the mos bizarre and interesting characters put on paper, genius hacker Lisbeth Salander.

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