Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comic Book Movie Ideas

Comic Book Movies Ideas

With many comic book/superhero films coming out recently, and my inner nerd that occasionally rises to the surface doing exactly that, I have come out with a couple of ideas for what could be future comic book movies, or movies that were never actually made but how they could be done, or movies that have the potential to be made in the future but nothing is certain. Anyway, I know I don't do to much stuff like this but I thought it would be fun, so why not give it a try? By the way, I can't believe I have such knowledge for comic books. I feel like a nerd just by thinking on it (no offense to anyone). So yeah, as I said, I have an inner nerd that has once again risen to the surface.

The Dark Knight Rises/Other Potential Batman Movies

I have a couple of ideas for a batman movie, and since he is my favorite superhero of all times I'll start with him. So about The Dark Knight Rises (Chris Nolan's third Batman film), I heard the villains in the film will be Bane and Catwoman. They're great characters and villains but if I was to write the movie, I would write in Two Face. I know, he died in the previous movie and a memorial was held, but Two Face is one of Batman's greatest villains, and I think he does deserve a whole movie for himself. So here's how I think they can cover his story: the day of Harvey Dent's funeral when they open the casket it is empty. They at first think it was stolen, but a couple of days later sightings of Harvey Dent are reported. Anyway, as it turns out he survives the fall (remember Batman did too, though I know, it is possible the suit helped him) and know he ants to get back at Gotham who stole Rachel from him. Anyway, I'm sure Nolan may have something even better, but this is something I would like to see anyway. As for any other Batman movie (weather is the start of a new series or a new inclusion to the on-going one, though it is supposed to end after The Dark Knight Rises) I would like to see The Riddler on screen, but please, this time make it something serious. A creepy, dark look into the Riddler could be something great to see on screen. A good actor to play him could be Johnny Depp (though he is the obvious choice).

The Man of Steel/Other Potential Superman Movie

As I understand it, in The Man of Steel the villain will be Zod. While I am not unhappy with this decision (Zod's one of my favorite Superman villains), I would have liked to have Brainiac in the movie, and I think that, for a starter, Zod isn't probably the best choice. Anyway, I think that they can have Zod tryig to rebuild Krypton here on Earth (though I think that's what they're gonna do). For other Superman movies, if they were to start from scratch, I think an origin story would suit him. A story about him trying to embrace his Kryptonian origins is probaby the best kick off to a new series of Superman (and I hope we get that in The Man of Steel), and then there's the obligatory villain for a Superhero film blockbuster. Lex Luthor is always the obvious choice, but I think for an origin story Zor-El, Jor-El's brother, could be a good villain. And I have always wanted to see a Doomsday film, but that can be a little tricky, not only because it deals with killing Superman, but also, if it is to follow the comic, then it could be a two and a half hour long film of no-stop action.

Spiderman film

To tell the truth, I'm not really looking forard to the next Spiderman movie. I don't know, but I don't think we'll get a serious movie, nor a movie that lives up to the Sam Raimi films. Anyway, for a Spiderman film a cool villain is always Dr. Octopus, but as he's already been used I guess that's why they chose the Lizzard. Anyway, the Chameleon or Elektro could work too. But to tell the truth I'd like to see a film that covers the symbiote storyline, and I hope it does better than the third film. A trilogy could come in use here, with the first film about Spiderman wearing the black suit as he explores his dark side, the second one about Venom, and the third one about Carnage. But Carnage to appear in film can be something heavy, and they would of course tone it down to get a PG 13 rating, which I find silly.

X-Men 4/Wolverine Sequel/First Class Sequel

Despite The Last Stand being just average, I think that a fourth movie isn't really off the table. Proffesor X is dead, so that could have the storyline in which they return in time to save him so the world doesn't become an apocalypse could be used, and frankly it would be very interesting to see. I think that we nevergot the Centinels going, and I think that many people woul have wanted to see them. For Wolverine, despite an awful origin film, I would really like to see another movie. The reason is that Wolverine is one of my favorite characters and if he's gonna have a movie then don't let it be that awful piece of garbage they call origin story. I think they could go with Wolverine travelling the world, or whatever that he did, and he has several encounters with no other than Sabretooth. I know, its a crappy plot description but I'm sure that the writers can come up with something exciting to fill in the blanks. For a First Class sequel I think that it is obvious: have the X-Men and the Brotherhood to face off for the first time. To add excitement, I think they can all have a common objective, something around the lines of preventing mutant exposure or anihilation, but Professor X and Magneto's differing ideas start a battle between them.

A New Watchmen film or reboot

Unlike many people, I enjoyed Zack Snyder's film, but I have to agree that it was a little disappointing. It follow the comic quite faithfully, but a couple of interesting parts (like the gangs and all, which is little but interseting still) were left out. Anyway, with a new Watchmen film there could be space for sequels, prequels and spin offs. I have always wanted a Rorschach spin off, and a Comedian spin off would also be amazing. A sequel can work if it follows Nite Owl and Silk Spectre into retirement but something forces them to come back and try to save the world once again, but to tell the truth I don't think that would really be good. Something more interesting can be a prequel which follows the Watchmen in the years before the Keene Act, which made illegal their activities. And going even further a prequel about the first generation of Watchmen, the Minutemen, would also be great too.

Daredevil Reeboot

I don't think a sequel would work for the best. Much like they did with The Incredible Hulk, have a new Daredevil film with new actors and a different storyline (though something similar wouldn't be that bad). I think Matt Damon could be a good Matt Murdock, but what are the real chances. Anyway, the story could be about Daredevil trying to take down the Kingpin, which in the movie was actually a little lame.

Green Arrow/Super Max movie

Around 2008, a script about a Green Arrow movie was circling the web. The plot was that Green Arrow is framed and locked in a maximum security prison for superheroes and villains for a crime he didn't commit. Inside there are dozens of villains (most of them relative unknowns, but we have a couple of big names like Lex Luthor, The Joker and The Riddler) were put in by Green Arrow himself. Green Arrow will have to team up with these villains to escape. Now, I don't know about you guys but this sounds awesome to me. However, chances for this movie being made are slim. And the script is nowhere to be found (which if any of you guys know something about it I would appreciate it, I really want to read it :) ). But I would really want this to be made. So my idea is simple: have a couple of better known villains (aside from the ones I just said) like Catwoman or Deathstroke. Maybe that would make the movie more possbile to being made (though I doubt that). Anyway, Green Arrow is actually a great superhero, and he is one of the most underrated ones, so a movie probaby would make him some good.

A dark Green Lantern story

As things seem to be right now, the Green Lantern movie sucks. I was planning on going to watch it this weekend, but according to the reviews I better not. I guess I'll watch Super 8 instead. Anyway, as I understand the movie deals with Hal Jordan stopping Parallax. Now, this part may contain spoilers to future Green Lanter movies, the comics or the very movie itself if they do it as the comics (but I doubt that). In the comics, Hal Jordan becomes Parallax, so I really can't see how they plan to do that movie. I think that a movie about the transformation he suffers would be awesome. But i know that probably would be too dark for a superhero film so what we need is a hero story. So instead of focusing in Hal Jordan they should focus on Kyle Rayner, who replaces Jordan as the new Green Lantern. So basically, while becoming Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner has to stop the previous Green Lantern as he turns darkside. That would great to see on screen, don't you think?

I told you, I have an inner nerd. I have a couple of more ideas but I think I've gone too long already so I guess I'll stop here. Unless you guys want to hear (or read) them. If that's the case I can do another blog, but this are the cool and exciting ones (if you believe they are all that). So anyway, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this.


  1. They should make a Silver Surfer movie, maybe lined up towards a Defenders movie, That would be fun. On the DC side, they need to do a Flash movie, BIG TIME!

  2. I agree wit u dylan a silver surfer movie might b awesum if they stay far away 4rm that sucktastic four god aweful movie they did wit him in it calld fantastic four rise of the the silver surfer . now as 4 the flash I agree again . but in regards 2 tha rest of this guys blog I have 2 disagree on a lot of it , reasons bein I AM A COMIC NERD . n I tend 2 keep n open mind 2 these movies genre , but tha whole spider man trilogy sucked majorly bad sam raimi was coulda done better n did gay instead wit tha whole little queer musical numbers n tha whole internal web shooters ok but he never once explains how tha webs r made wat bodily fluid is make makin it . now as 4 tha whole xmen movie franchise all of them were retarded n stupid , they couldn't even connect into their own timeline on wat happened when r nuthin like in xmen origins wolverine when at tha end u c xavier standin n bald r in tha same movie u c emma frost as a young girl n scott summers but yet in xmen the last stand u chear that jean grey was a early pupil n ot scott . nor if logan n victor creed were previously known 2 each other why didn't at sabretooth say sumthin 2 that extent in tha 1st film ? so wit that whole movie franchise everytime they try 2 add a new movie 2 they screw up that conitunity even worse . but its only my opinion n ur opinion but I think I could way better than wat they have have done