Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Notice

In the past week or so I send a message saying that I had had some internet problems that had prevented me from blogging and logging into the site. I thought I had that solved. Nevertheless, the ever-so-annoying problem returned and I have been almost the whole week without internet access. I have logged in for a couple of minutes on other computers and such, but I haven't been able to consistently reply, review, blog and comment on everything that's going on. I think I have that covered now. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I am sure you're all aware that a 10 years series is coming to a close on Friday, and the films that defined a generation are finally ending. I can't believe it, really. Back in 01 who would have thought it would come as far? I've been rewatching the films right from 'Sorcerer's Stone' up to 'Deathly Hollows: Part 1', and I am getting ready for Part 2, the epic conclusion, on Friday. I was first planning on going to midnight screening, but then decided against it. I think I'm not able to go due to a tight schedule. But I am going on Friday afternoon, and damn I hope the film is as good, or even better (hopefully), than every other Potter film we've seen ( :D ). Its like my childhood is finally coming to a close. So I am plannng on blogging a little something about the series tomorrow. And I hope to have for Friday, or maybe Saturday if I can't on that day, a review of the last Harry Potter film. I hope I can get that done, and my problems sorted out in order to do that.

More stuff to come too: I think I'll be doing, if this crappy internet connection lets me, to blog something about the Emmys (though we'll know how flawed that can be), and maybe a couple of more reviews of other films, a 'My Favorite Directors' edition, and probably a book review which I haven't done in a long time.

So there it is, I just wanted you guys to know that I will try to log into this much more often, and definitely expect to hear from ;)
Best wishes, your friend, CACB

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