Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

2010 has been a very special year for me. Before, back in 2009, I was another teenager who didn't careabout art in ovies and only wanted explosions and hot chicks (though I must confess that I still enjoy a film or two with these attributes, though I always prefer the arty-classy ones), but at the beginning of the year I (let's say) matured. I don't remember perfectly, but I think that at that time I discovered AFI's 100 Best Movies list. I checked it out and saw I had watched under 20 movies on the list, and I decided I should watch some more. Skipping the films I thought dull and boring at first I started watching new films on the list, and then those films that were dull and boring started to grow interest in me. I watched them all, all the 100 films in the list. Now I know it is not the best list out there, but it was some sort of personal challenge to watch them all before year end. And then these old black and white films became an enjoyment and pleasure, and I became a much more mature person, movie-wise. Modern films also changed, and while last year I enjoyed films such as 2012 and Fast and Furious (upon rewatching I mus say they were awful), thisyear I enjoy new kind of films like Black Swan, Winter's Bone and The Kids Are All Right.
2010 has been a very special year for me movie-wise. As I said, before I was a teenager who liked action movies, now I am a much matured person who can enjoy a well acted, smart and even slow-moving drama.
2010 has turned out to be a great year for movies. Despite a very lackluster first half, the second one came packed with the goods (The Social Network, Black Swan, True Grit, etc), and now I can say that the once-awful-year-for-films might be the best-year-for-films-in-a-while.
I will soon be posting (in around five or six days) my list of the best films of 2010 (it will most likely be a top 20 rather than 10), as well as a list of the most underrated and overrated films of 2010 and a list of my favorite performances of the year.
So I say goodbye to 2010, a very good year for movies, and welcome 2011, which hopefully will be a better year than this! So Happy New Year to all of you and my best wishes for 2011!


  1. I agree, this year has been better than I first expected film-wise...

    And I'm very glad to hear that your film tastes are more mature, the same has happened to me over the last year or so, before that I had no taste in films and watched only for mindless entertainment, but that all changed when I first saw Pulp Fiction...

  2. Thnxs Jack, glad you matured too. I love Pulp Fiction, but I saw it after I develop a better taste so I can't say that was the one that helpe me