Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Back.... I'll try at least

After a little hiatus I've decided it is time to get back to Blogger and RT. I'm sorry for having such a prolonged absense and that I did not give any sort of warning, and also I'm very sorry I could not go through everyone's messages before I took this short break. On the other hand, I'm pretty happy to be back to this wonderful film-loving community :)
Now, I think I'll be doing a few changes around my blog, maybe. I think I'll focus on books and TV alot more than before, but of course I won't take my attention off films. I can't promise I'll get through everything around here, but I'll do my best. Also, I won't be able to be posting or reviewing as much as I would like to, becaue I've been busy as hell lately, and that's part of what took me off the site for so long.

So, I hope that you've all wached some good movies and kept me as a friend, because I certainly would like to share a lot of these stuff with you guys :)

RT and Blogger: Just an offer I couldn't refuse....


  1. Yeah, welcome back.

    That was a long absence man, but I'm glad your back!

  2. Thnxs guys, glad to be back :)

  3. Well hey, i'll say welcome back on here as well! Looking forward to your reviews again, and if you get the chance follow me on my blog as well :)

  4. Welcome back man, hasn't been the same without you

  5. Thnxs Matt and Daniel, it is great to be back !