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The Bottom 10 Movies of 2010

The Bottom 10 Movies of 2010
Despite 2010 was a great year for great movies, it was an awful year for bad movies. We had a very good amount of crappy films for the first half of te year and for the second half it still kept its stink number high. These are the 10 worst films I saw of 2010.
*Note: I didn't see many of the bad films of the last fourth of the year, so you'll notice that films like Yogi Bear, Gulliver's Travels or Little Fockers are absent from my list.
10. Clash of the Titans
With fake 3D and hardly any emotions, this remake that isn't even half of what the original was has eaned a spot in this list. With absurd and preposterous action, leaving no room for any sort of character depth or development, and with very sorrowful acting, espcially from Gemma Arteton, this film was one of the most painful theater expierences I have ever gone through. The only redeeming quality it had was its impressive special effects, that even though they weren't Avatar quality, they were still very good.
9. Valentine's Day
An all star cast isn't enough to save this flm from its lousy script and its unfunny jokes. The film is packed with dozns of stars, but as there are so many characters each one of them will only have around 10 - 15 minutes of screen time, preventing them from developing or growing into the audience. The script was full of holes and stupid lines, and while some of the storylines of some characters could have worked by themselves, many others were just silly and really stupid. And the all star cast doesn't really help either, as most of them coudn't seem to even care about their characters.
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street
The second remake on my list, and it is also a remake of an 80s hit. This time, Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes have brought shame into another serial killer, this time into the once awesome Freddy Krueger. The film was full of flaws, for example the acting. While Jackie Earle Hayley actually did a good job as Freddy, his co-stars all did a bad job, including the painful-to-wath Rooney Mara in the lead role. Her co-star Kyle Gallner also delivered excrutiating acting and all the time I was watching him I wanted to walk out of the movie.
7. Jonah Hex
This silly superhero-wannabe story was doomed from its start and I believe this movie shouldn0t have been made at all. Its cast, though not as bad as the previous entries in this list, couldn't carry on with their characters, and Megan Fox's performance was as empty as her performance in Jennifer's Body or Transformers were. The film's plot is a very ridiculous and stupid one, and probably it was what made this film fail so hard. But the screenwriters are also to blame, as they couldn't write one single character or even dialogue that worked.
6. Grown Ups
Adam Sandler's lattest is another unfunny comedy full of silliness. Joining him are his common entourage Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider. All of them were very bad in the movie but the worst of all has to be Rob Schneider. His unfunny, stupid and unsympatethic character was certainly painful to watch, and he trying to be funny made it worse. The screenplay didn't have any sort of emotion in it and the jokes it tried to deliver were not only unfunny but rather shameful.
5. Killers
Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher (again more painful performances) teamed up to make this romantic/action comedy about a couple who are running from their neighbors who want to kill them. Once again, this "comedy" tries to be funny and charismatic but is nothing but a running disaster on flames. The performances were very bad and empty, the characters were card board cut outs and the director didn't seem to know where he wanted to lead his story. Sum this all up with lazy writing and you'll get one of the year's worst.
4. The Bounty Hunter
Another romantic/action comedy gone totally wrong. It shares many similarities with the previous film, the biggest being that they both sucked. Jennifer Aniston, an actress that I used to respect, delivers what could be the worst performance of her career and she's on her way to winning a Razzie, sadly because she had so much potential (do you remember her in Friends?). Gerard Butler, I always thought he was a joke, and this film proves it. His performance was as wooden as a tree and his character was emptier than Paris Hilton's head.
3. Resident Evil: Afterlife
What were they thinking? The first two Resident Evil films, despite being bad, were fun to watch and served as perfect guilty pleasures. The third one sucked, but this one sucked even harder. This has to be the most painful attempt at horror I've seen in recent years. Its screenplay has more holes than Transformers 2 and the performances were very very wooden. The director, the same guy who brough us the first AvP, seemed to have been under the influence of drugs when he did this because in no other way I can think of could he have done such a mess.
2. Vampires Suck
The return of the never funny duo Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the two idiots who brought us Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. This time they send their attention to the Twilight Saga, but, for this time at least, the Twilight Saga is better. But this is no surprise, these two clowns make Michael Bay look like Alfred Hitchcock, and now they have made what could possibly be their worst movie yet, though it is very hard to tell, after all, all of their movies awful bad.
But not as bad as the number one on my list is...
The Last Airbender
Hopefully, the last attempt at directing by one of the worst directors working in this moment, M. Night Shymalan. He may have made three good films in the past, but he's gone downhill since then and now those three good movies are overshadowed by four bad ones, and the lattest (and worst) is The Last Airbender. Adapted from the hit TV series (which I happen to like), this film is complete and utter disaster. I can't believe how they ruined a good show. The script written by Shymalan had even more holes than the Resident Evil: Afterlife's had, and the characters were as empty and the audience wouldn't care about them. Its very silly dialogues and uninspired acting jus make it worse, and hopefully Shyamalan will learn after this and won't pick up the camera ever again. Undoubtly, the worst movie of the year.
Dishonorary mentions:
Legion, The Wolf Man, The Last Song, Leap Year, The Back Up Plan, Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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