Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top 20 Films of 2010

Top 20 Films of 2010

I've watched a few new films so I have finally completed a top 20. Here is my updated version of the best films of 2010:
20. Tangled
19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
18. Shutter Island
17. How to TrainYour Dragon
16. The American
15. The Ghost Writer
14. Madeo
13. The Fighter
12. The Town
11. Exit Through the Gift Shop
10. The Kids Are All Right
9. Winter's Bone
8. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
7. 127 Hours
6. ToyStory 3
5. True Grit
4. Inception
3. The King's Speech
2. Black Swan
The Social Network

There are still a couple of films I have to see yet, so there may still be a new top 25 or 30. Thank you for your attention


  1. Nice to see The Ghost Writer. I think you should check out Leaves of grass and Stone.

  2. Thnxs. Yeah, those are on my list :)

  3. good choices, glad to see Madeo, I really enjoyed that, same with Exit Through The Gift Shop,
    I would also recommend Leaves of Grass, although I didn't like it as much as Rohit did, it's still a pretty good film...

  4. Thnxs Jack, I'll have to see it then